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This is just a reach out to anyone who can give me pointers on making Flash Dress-Up games.
I figure it can't be so hard since tons of people make them... but I seem mentally incapable of figuring it out. LOL!

I have one really good tutorial by Adam Khoury ...… but my Flash knowledge is the equivalent of a 2 year old (actually 2 year olds probably know more than me. LOL!) so I would appreciate any advice or links any of you can share!!

Thanks gang!
Hopefully you guys are watching my journals... otherwise I'm not sure how to get the word out.
I will be moving all of my Monster High / Custom Doll deviations to a new account.

It seems most people in the past year or so have been "watching" and liking only MH related deviations. This is not a bad thing... I appreciate the attention and support but it is starting to overshadow my artwork. In the beginning I had hoped the bonus to posting my MH stuff here would bring people in and they would also comment and fave the illustrations. That has happened a bit.. but not to enough of a degree to keep everything together.

You may not have noticed, but all my MH has gone into "Scraps" so it does't show up in the "latest deviations" on my front page. Because the art is my passion and I hope to someday make a living at it so it has to take "top billng". MH is my hobby... something I do for fun or when stuck in a creative rut and relegating it all to the "Scraps" limits my ability to showcase it. Also I'd like to post a lot more of my doll stuff, but I don't want it to crowd out the Pin-Ups and Illustrations more than has already happened.

So long story longer... as of the end of the week TODAY this account will no longer get my MH-related Deviations and all previous MH deviations will be deleted. If you are watching me for the Monster High stuff you will want to watch my MH-only Account: SHANNANIGANART

Thanks gang... hope to see you fellow Monster High fans over at the new digs!!


PLEASE NOTE: If you want to "watch" both counts please do!! I will not be cross-posting... so you won't get duplicate deviations. I promise!! :)
Ok so of the 3 programs I downloaded  to record me drawing only Livestream works for video capture. The others completely sucked... (see previous journal entry). What I didn't know at the time I downloaded all that crap... was that Livestream records so you can save the videos for later viewing! Yes... I know... Shannon you are such a Noob. But I'm really excited... :P

Here is my Livestream channel...…
There are a couple test run videos on there now, not real exciting. Still trying to work things out...

I'm hoping this little exercise in recording / livestreaming my work will help speed me up a bit. I tend to take all day to do something that should just take a couple hours because I get distracted really easy. So if people are watching or I plan to share it I need to hustle and stay focused. Thats the plan anyway... we shall see how it pans out.

Again thanks to everybody who replied to my previous post!!
To anybody reading this...

Have you ever drawn on Live Stream or recorded yourself on the computer while drawing? I want to try it for a Paper Doll tutorial but I have no idea how to do it!! I looked up Live Stream and the prices were outrageous! I've seen artists doing live drawing and I know there is no way they are paying upwards of $270 a month for the service!!

Really I just want to record, not do it live... though I'd like to know more about Live streaming in case I want to in the future.

So if you have suggestions, advice, links, etc on this I would appreciate it!

EDIT: So I've download the Livestream program (thanks everybody!) and also 2 recording programs... SnagIt and Microsoft Expression Encoder. Since I'm not all that comfy with the thought of drawing Live just yet (not that anyone would be watching but...) I'm going to try just making a video first. I'll let you all know if they are any good... the programs that is. My drawings will most likely be boring. LOL!
I haven't been posting much lately... new job in NYC is more than a bit overwhelming so I've been going home and being a vegetable instead of making art.

I gotta stop that nonsense... though I have done a new piece for an upcoming Gallery 1988 show that I can't reveal yet, so I' haven't been a complete slacker.

Also, my "Elixir of Butterwort" piece is making the rounds of the Steampunk Festival circuit with thanks to Emperor Justinian Stanislaus of the Red Fork Empire. He curates a show called "RFE Aethereal Exhibition" that goes around the Steampunk events and other various locations around the East Coast / New England area... which is awesome!

So if you are in Nashua, New Hampshire today.. pop on over to the Steam Revolution!! The show is only going to appear from the mists for 3 hours... and I'm not sure exactly which 3. Might have happened already for all I know... lol! The next show will be at Stage Right Studio in Woonsocket, RI on June 29th... :D

Oh and because I just can't get enough of them... thought I'd share my current musical obsession with you.... Steam Powered Giraffe! They are beyond amazing and you have to check them out... they deserve millions of minions! If you live in the San Diego'ish area they are playing at the Zoo all summer! You lucky bastards better go... :P
Ok so I'm in China right now for work... and it has been about 4 years since the last time I was here.

Apparently during that time the Chinese Government has blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and a host of other websites that could keep me entertained when I'm sitting in my hotel room doing nothing. You can only watch those Chinese Historical dramas on TV for so long without understanding the language!! Though the acting / facial expressions are pretty hilarious... I have no idea what the hell is going on.

So I'm trying to find things to occupy my amazingly boring "freetime"... and I'm getting desperate people! The Wacom tablet I brought is not compatible with my work laptop so I can't get started on my next art show project. No Facebook games... its like I'm going through crack withdrawal!!! This is one of 4 websites I usually frequent that I still have access to... so draw some awesome stuff for the next week please!! Thank you... :)

P.S. What the heck is the journal portal? Guess its been a while since I've wrote a new journal because I have no idea what that is... but I checked it.
So this image is floating around Facebook, etc right now.... I don't do ART for free
It pertains to the annoying habit of people asking for free art...

So I'm perusing the comments... and I run across this from a DA member who shall remain nameless:

"I understand that if you're in the art or photography industry and a highly trained, skillful professional that creates stunning masterpieces or works his way to that very top. Or you're a freelance artist/photographer that does things on request. Basically - if that's the only income that you receive - than yeah.

But if you're just taking art classes, self-educating or were just born with a good art talent and have a reasonable job that allows you to feed yourself - than I see no point in demanding money from people who request you to do something for them, particularly if you enjoy that. "

My reply started off with the usual sarcasm...

"Wait... so because I didn't spend a bazillion dollars on art school and my name isn't Leonardo Da Vinci I shouldn't expect to be paid? My boss will be thrilled to hear that."

But as I continued typing it turned into a massive rant... not really aimed at the above DA member so I decided to post it here instead. Enjoy...


What is "professional" exactly? To me it means BEING PAID! Whether that is on a daily basis for a job, freelance basis by project, commission from a gallery or even on your own Etsy shop... but someone somewhere needs to give you some damn money. If you never ask for money... you are an idiot. They do NOT appreciate it, if they did they would PAY YOU. All that is happening there is you are being undervalued, demeaned and/or taken advantage of. The saddest part is... most of the time those people don't even realize they are doing it... they actually think they are flattering you with their "fantastic offer".

"I know you love drawing, so draw this for me... it will be fun!"... "I love your work... but I don't have any money to pay you"... and the worst of them all... "it will give you exposure". No... I will give you exposure... of my foot up your ass. :devilish: Its one thing if I do something from the heart for free, it is another thing entirely to ask me to make something for you, and have no intention of paying.

People are cheap... and art is one of those things they treat like its frivilous or worthless, like its not really "work" or that it doesn't have any value. That attitude infuriates me!! That mentality is why Piccasso died penniless.... Edgar Allen Poe also died penniless. The list of artists, writers, etc who created "stunning masterpieces" of art & literature that died penniless goes on and on and on. Its really disgusting that an artist gets paid crap... but years later, usually after they died... in the poor house... people are making millions off their creations.

You don't have to be starving to be a "real" artist and you sure as hell don't have to go to art school to be a considered professional,  nor do you need to be a "professional" to expect to be paid for services rendered. Artists today are much more savy and aware that what they are doing is worth something. If it wasn't... people wouldn't be asking for free stuff all the time. And just because we like what we are doing doesn't mean its not "work" or that we are willing to die penniless... at least not if we can help it.

That means you want me to draw you something... then you better cough up some cash!
I'm going so crazy with packing for NYC I haven't had a chance to look at DA in a while...

Just dropping in to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!! :love:
... because I'm movin' in!!

So yeah big news... I got a new footwear design position in the Big Apple!

I will be moving to New York at the end of November... sadly this means that I will be doing even less art then I have been the past month or so... for the next month or so. But hopefully my new surroundings and awesome new job will inspire me to make fantastical new arts for you all to enjoy! New... New... NEW!!!

Keep an eye on the place for me while I'm gone... ;)
Not much on the "art" front lately... just really burned out from my crazy job.
So I've been modding Monster High Dolls to pass the time... ... its been fun!

I started a blog to log my attempts at customization... if anyone is interested. Shannanigan's Doll Modding Adventures
The title is complete crap... I know. LOL!

Actually I've had that blog account for ages... I've just never had anything worth putting on there until now. :)
... we have a love/hate relationship.

I love its potential and the possibilities it gives me... but I hate 99% of the people on it.

I think this is a good night to go to bed early and read a book...
So I needed to get that massive journal post off my "front page"... apparently DA has disabled the "cut" feature for us lowly non-subscribers.

So this baby has been going around DA... WACOM's new "Inkling".…

Damn this thing is HOT!
... according to my "Personality Test". None of which comes as a shock to me. LOL!

Blame AngelCrusher & TomKrohne for this... LOL!
Oh and You can take the test too... go HERE!


You tend to be a "glass half-empty" kind of person, which for you is simply a realistic outlook. Your feeling is that this world can be a depressing place, and only a fool would think otherwise.

You do not waste your time searching for the silver lining in every cloud, nor do you believe it's your job to cheer up the people around you with happy talk.


You are in touch with your emotions, and sometimes you react before you think. The good news: you don't tamp down your feelings. The bad news: you sometimes say or do things that you later wish you could take back.

You do not live your life on an even keel; you do not go for long periods without experiencing some mood swings.


You like your own company; you're a very interesting person. Tracking your own mental processes, knowing what you're thinking and why you do what you do, is important to you. Often, what's going on in your mind is more compelling than what's going on outside. For the most part, those with a high score on the "introspective" trait enjoy reading, taking long walks, learning new things, and other solitary activities.

You are not someone who is constantly looking to be among a group of friends; you never feel bored when you are by yourself.


You get excited easily, allow yourself to react without censoring your feelings, and sometimes blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.

You generally don't consider what you're about to say before you open your mouth to speak.


You have strong opinions and high standards. When others let you down, you're not opposed to giving them a piece of your mind, even if it sometimes mean hurting their feelings.

You are not necessarily a "live and let live" kind of person. You don't always make allowances for others' incompetence or allow annoyances to wash over you. You don't feel it's your job to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable regardless of whether they've earned it.


You go with the flow when it comes to your emotions. Whether you're happy or sad, you show it, and when something upsets you, or you're feeling stressed out, those around you will know it right away.

You are not necessarily the one person in any group who can be depended on to stay calm, cool, and collected in a crisis; you aren't known for keeping your emotions under wraps.


You feel that a clean, orderly desk is the sign of a person who doesn't have enough to do. Schedules and "to do" lists feel stifling; you thrive on a sense that anything goes, and know that the world won't end if you don't clean up after finishing a job.

You don't need to know that everything is in its place; it is not empowering to you to feel that the world around you is neat and organized. Mowing down every item on your "to do" list, every day, does not bring you joy.


You are constantly coming up with new ideas. For you, the world as it exists is just a jumping-off place; what's going on inside your mind is often more interesting than what's going on outside.

You don't feel that the road to success is to be a realist and stick to the program; you never stop yourself from coming up with new ideas or telling the world what you're thinking about.


You may be comfortable on your home turf, but you have a tendency to be self-conscious in an unfamiliar environment. While you're usually at ease with your friends, you can be a little skittish around strangers.

You usually don't feel at home in unfamiliar settings or with new people. When you get rattled, you don't necessarily recover instantly.


You like to think a task through before you embark on it. If it's the slightest bit complicated, you make a list (even if it's only in your mind) and methodically work your way through it. When you have a goal in mind, you're not satisfied until you reach it.

You are not one of those people who ignore the details, and you don't understand how anyone can get anything accomplished without thoughtful planning ahead of time.
... of journal topic on my front page!

So Comic Con was awesome... and I've just been on a whirlwind of things happening lately and haven't had much time for making new art! Plus I'm sort of burnt out and need to reboot the brains a bit. So I've been rerooting a doll head for the past week. Its rather therapeutic, but takes a long freakin' time!! If I ever finish it I'll post pics. LOL!

Thats about it... oh the Girls Drawin' Girls Art Show last weekend was fun! :D

EDIT: Just remember one more thing... I opened up an Etsy shop and have several prints, paper dolls and Chalkware Sets for sale! Go buy something will ya!!
... Comic Con and I'm minutes from going to sleep.
Gotta get up super early to make the drive down to San Diego.

If you are there make sure to come by the Girls Drawin' Girls booth Saturday & Sunday!!
It is Booth #5628... I'll be there pimpin' the merch Saturday from 12-4 and pretty much all day Sunday!!

Come by and say HI! :D
Back in 1999, before some of you were out of diapers... I did an Art Show in Switzerland called "American Pie" (Original I know). The Pin-Ups represented 20 of the 50 states.

So I'm thinking about revisiting the idea (as I often do with my old Pin-Ups) but I need some inspiration for the 30 states I didn't draw the first time! Since DeviantArt is made up of people from every state (and countries, but I'll get to you guys later!), I figured you all would have suggestions on what you think your home or neighboring state is all about.

I've made a Google "Spread Sheet"... feel free to go over there and add your ideas to the list or make suggestions here in my journal. Please keep it PG-13... ;)

Oh and I have posted the old Pin-Ups... HERE... if you'd like to see them!
Hey everybody...

There is a Pre-Sale going on for the "Girls Drawin' Girls" Pin-Up book that my "Butterwort" Pin-Up is in.

Its a HARDCOVER book... over 80 artists, and includes a free Pin-Up Girl "Book Plate" if you buy it before the San Diego Comic Con!!

Only $40!

If you love me, and all the free art I've given you over the years... you'll go buy one. :flirty:

P.S. There is lots of nekkid Pin-Ups in this book... if that helps you make your decision. LOL!
Well ok maybe not quite...

I'm going to be in my very first "American" art show in June... Its true I have never been involved with any shows in my own country. Sad right?
Its with Gallery 1988 here in LA. I'm very excited because some of my favorite artists on DA show regularly there so it gives me a twinge of artistic validation :D

So anyway I'm busting my artistic hump for the next few weeks to get my piece done.
It not something I usually do, trying to branch out a bit. Literally... as it involves lots and lots of trees. LOL!

I will share once the show starts... stay tuned!
Some of you may remember my rant a while back concerning the use of references... and there has been a big "to-do" on the interwebs in the past couple weeks about vintage Pin-Up artists using... *GASP* photos for reference. Even going as far as to call it the original Photoshop. Which is complete and total BS. But I digress...

One of the girls from GDG posted this blog today and its a perfect reminder that every artist worth a damn uses references. And I wanted to share it with you kids out there in DA land that may still be under the delusion that great artists don't use photographs.

Norman Rockwell is a CHEATER!
All of a sudden my Photoshop is adding "Camera Data" to my files when I "save as" full-res JPGs.
So when I upload here it looks like I used a camera. Um hello... I draw my damn pictures!!

I can't figure out why it is doing this all of a sudden... and I can't figure out how to tweak photoshop to not add this info. So I have to go after the fact, open the file info and strip it out manually. Its really annoying.