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Scaries - Apunkalypse by Shannanigan Scaries - Apunkalypse by Shannanigan
The Scaries are very excited about Halloween!! They are dressing up already!

Una and Gayle have dressed up as Tank Girl and Jet. Note the orange tips on their weapons... the Girls don't approve of real guns for Halloween fun!

This is my 4th installment for the "Dress Up a Monster" series.

Background made with Photoshop brushes by ~wyckedBrush

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FrozenNephilim Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2008
AH tank girl. I'm awash with nostalgia!
Amoryl Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like em!

I'm working on another one, got a good idea, need to get it onto paper and colored...likely....
Ellocobruja Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
Great shades of tank girl!

Great job!
leafbunk Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
Haha, nice work! Cool textures again and I thought the "orange gun tip" comment was funny. :) I also like how it's not a traditional four corners space for them to be standing in. Having the sides squeezed way in gives the border some flare.
Shannanigan Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Ok I know this is a bit delayed.... sorry I missed this somehow. :crazy:

Its funny you mention the border. I have this "thing" about my art not being square (or rectangle). Even when it is... it isn't. There is always something breaking out of the straight lines. Its pretty rare that I don't have white space on the edges.... It must be some weird artistic Claustrophobia thing. LOL!
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October 15, 2008
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